Sunday, August 22, 2010

Big Tomato

A tomato from my garden.

When you blog you are sure to stir curiosity within your community.  Recently I've stepped into Blotanical  - "the city of botanist who blog".  Some of my new acquaintances have been wondering where in California I garden.   I though that an answer that would stick is appropriate for this question.

My tiny garden is located near The Big Tomato.   Sacramento is The Big Tomato!  It is in this area where more tomatoes are produced than anywhere else in the world.   Now imagine driving thirty five minutes east of Sacramento - and you'll hit El Dorado Hills.  That's where I garden.
Tomatoes:  A common summer-sight on the freeways around Sacramento.

Happy Sunday Everyone!


Carolyn ♥ said...

I didn't know that Sacramento was such s huge (literally?) tomato producer.

Helen Lewis said...

It sure is, Meredehuit! Even with the insertion of housing development into the farms Sacramento still ranks high in tomato production.


Curbstone Valley Farm said...

I remember those tomato trucks (and all the spilled tomatoes along some of the I-5 on-ramps). I remember there was one of those tomato trucking companies just outside of Vacaville along I-80. We lived in Davis for a number of years before moving back here to the coast. I think our peppers were happier in the Central Valley than here though :P

Helen Lewis said...

Curbstone Valley Farms: So you know exactly what I'm talking about! Actually that picture was taken on I-5 as we drove towards Woodland. Did you work or was connected with the university when you lived in Davis? Just curious... :)

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