Thursday, August 2, 2012

Plums for the Season

Santa Rosa plums (Prunus domestica 'Sana Rosa').

Baskets of dark ripe plums have always been one of the defining marks of summer in our home.  In some years we need smaller baskets than others, but there never was a year when we did not have plums ever since we planted the tree.  Traditionally, I would preserve enough plum sauce for us and our extended family.  This year, I did not get to do any canning (except for a couple jars of plum syrup) which I hurriedly make on the day we left for Taiwan.  It was a good thing that our friends from church came to pick them while we were gone - at least the fruits were consumed and not wasted.

One week before harvest.

Towards the southern side of the plum is a mulberry tree which is growing at a very fast rate. It will have to be trimmed if not pollarded so as not to jeopardize the productivity of the plum. 

My daughter is perched on the mulberry tree.

The garden presents a never-ending list of opportunities and challenges that varies from season to season.  The gardener may never master the garden but with persistence, every experience is an added arrow into his quiver.
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