Monday, June 13, 2011

Madame Isaac Periere: Volunteer from a Root

Rosa 'Madame Isaac Pereire'

One of the joys or curses of having a relatively mature garden is that plants tend to grow voluntarily at random places.  I have a story of a joyful phenomenon in my garden.

When I transferred 'Madame Isaac Pereire' to a more sunny location in the garden, some roots were unintentionally left in the ground.  The following year I found a two new roses growing from the same place.  They had the same flowers and intense fragrance as the plant that was taken out.   This means that I had cloned my 'Madame Isaac Periere' rose without even trying!  The original plant was growing from its own roots (not grafted) and that the new roses grew from the roots that remained in the ground. 


A pink rose bud.

Today, I have three plants of this variety growing in three different spots of my garden. I had spread them so that I can have more places where I can enjoy them.

 'Madame Isaac Pereire' intermingled with the grape vine

Plant roots spread far and wide in search of water.  As a result when we try to contain or move them, there is a greater chance of leaving something behind.  If the plant that grows is prized for one reason or another, this is a pleasant occurrence.  On the other hand this can also be considered a curse if we do not value the new "volunteer".

Have you ever had some "valuable volunteers" in your garden?


Anonymous said...

What a happy find, I never had new roses after moving the mother plant, but I will pay more attention now though.

Patty said...

Madame Isaac Perreire is a rose I have always wanted. Such big bright blooms! I still don't have one although I could. I just seem to always have problems growing roses. I did have a Tuscany Superb on its own roots. One year the main plant died but had sent out at least 10 runners. Sadly I dug them all out - quite the chore.

Judith said...

Madame Isaac Perreire peeking from up there made me smile:)

HolleyGarden said...

The only rose that ever grew for me after a transplant was Dr. Huey! What a wonderful surprise to have a beautiful rose as this come up.

Andrea said...

Hi Helenex, i haven't seen roses here which grow from the roots. Maybe the conditions there suit roses perfectly. However, lots of volunteers happen here, and through time they just become unwanted.

Masha said...

Congratulations! Triple the fragrance and the amount of bloom, what a great thing to happen.

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