Thursday, November 30, 2017

Kalanchoe Panamensis: Hidden Flowers

Kalanchoe panamemsis flowers:  dimpled heart-shaped pendants.

Since I started painting, I have become more observant of the little details of plants.  The desire to portray plants parts accurately, summons me to look at them more intensely than I used to.  Yesterday as I was walking in the secret garden (one section of my yard) where some succulents grow, I noticed something different with the Kalanchoe panamensis.  Some of the leaves seemed lacking the magenta color on leaf margins.  The initial question was, could it be that the terminal ends of these plants lose the pigmentation when the temperatures are low?  But upon close observation, it turned out that the plants were in bloom.  Then the next question was, why only now?  This plant has been in my garden for years.  Could it be that I was less observant then?  Or could it be that I was just not in the garden when flowering occurred in the past?

The flowers are generally light in color but some pigmentation were visible on random buds.

The Kalanchoe panamensis blooms on the terminal ends of the stems.  At this stage, the flowers look like heart-like pendants that hang in clusters.  They are beautiful now.  But I expect that these flowers still have to undergo several development stages.  And since all flowers must open, I'm excited to see how these ones will pave the way for pollination to happen.  Stay tuned. 😊

Kalanchoe panamemsis before flower initiation

Stroll in your garden and learn something new.  


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