Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pomegranate Blossoms Lure Hummingbirds

When I planted the pomegranate tree in my backyard there was only a thought of human food.  Little did I know that the hummingbirds also had some interest in the tree.   Now that the tree is in bloom, every morning, the birds dart like fighter jets around the tree, attacking each other in order to declare ownership of this luxurious resource.  Then the successful one gets to enjoy the nectar from the bright red flowers.   

The fruit tree doubles as hummingbird attractant.  This makes the pomegranate a multitasker plant..    

Plants that can multitask are always desirable.

1 comment:

Sisah said...

How in Nothern Germany is butterflies' season. We cannot compete with hummingbirds ;-)
iele Grüße

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