Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Succulents

I happened to be at Home Depot buying a new dishwasher and as a general rule I had to swing by the nursery.  Of course it is hard to go there without being heart-broken watching those poor plants without any home. (Just kidding...) I got a couple more to add to my new collection of succulents.  I am continually amazed at the various shapes, color, texture and architecture of their leaves.  I always prefer to buy in the smallest pots because they are cheaper and I like to understand the behavior of the plants by watching them grow.

It is a good idea to check the condition of the plants by looking at the roots before buying them.   If you have a choice, get the ones that combine good foliage and root system (the sign of a healthy plant).  Root-bound plants are already stressed;  they will take longer time to get established in your garden. 

Transplant (repot) new plants into slightly bigger pots to allow more room for the roots and to give a base that is proportional to the size of the foliage.  My plants are exposed to winds; the smaller plants and those with large leaves are prone to being blown away.  Therefore, I prefer heavier pots over plastic ones.
Echeveria shaviana

Compact Mini Jade (Crassula argentea 'Compacta')

Graptosedum 'Alpenglow'/'Vera Higgins'

 Aloe Hybrid (Aloe 'Crosby's Prolific')

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