Thursday, July 29, 2010

Easy Planters

 I believe that necessity is the mother of invention.  Propagating succulents is fun and easy but sometimes the appropriate planter can be costly.  Last spring my succulents needed some place to grow so I enlisted my husband to make some mini boxes for me.  He used pieces of wood that were available around the house.   When he had cut the wood into the right pieces, my nine-year-old daughter helped him nail the pieces together. 

After a couple of months later... They don't look shabby at all.  In fact I favor them because they are low cost and they deviate from the mass-produced look.  The grayish color of the faded wood complements the bluish-green succulents.

The plants seem to like the box.

These pots are light and easy to move around.

The box can be made long to hold more plants.

My nine-year-old daughter made this box which seem to be holding together...a little bit.

These planters are so easy - even a nine-year-old can make them.

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