Sunday, July 18, 2010

Attracting Butterflies in your Garden

On one of my walks with my family, we noticed so many butterflies in meadow along the American River.  They were attracted to the flowers.  We sat there and watched them and tried to take pictures.   However the sun was so bright that it was challenging to take good pictures. 

I wondered what attracted the butterflies to that place.  There are basic requirements for butterflies to like a place.  Just like most living organism butterflies need the following: water food and shelter.

Here are some ways to add to your yard to help attract butterflies: 
1. Plant native wildflowers
2. Include larval plants.
3. Grow nectar-producing flowers
4. Provide a sheltered spot using windbreak or wind blocks.
5. Create a garden well away from traffic.
6. Provide a full sunny spots for warmth.
7. Install water features.
8. Plant a variety of plants to include cluster and single blooms.
9. Plan and plant for successive blooms throughout the season.

Nectar plant

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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