Thursday, July 8, 2010

Appreciating Detail Through my Camera

Prominent stamens on Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) flowers.

 The details of the Spider-plant flowers are often unappreciated for several reasons.  First of all they are very tiny to appreciate and their color shows no contrast against the leaves of the variegated spider plant ('Variegatum').  With the use of a camera, we can all appreciate these miniature flowers.  The flower is well designed for pollination; the pistil which is the long white structure coming out of the green center (which is the ovary) extends out to the same distance as the stamens which are identified by their yellow color.  No wonder whenever the spider plant is allowed to flower, it reseeds profusely. 

Spider plant is a common houseplant and a very ideal plant for the shady areas outdoors.  It requires low maintenance that it is impossible to kill it.  They have specialized roots that allows them to store water.  That is why it can withstand prolonged periods of dry spells.

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