Wednesday, July 21, 2010

California: World Class Agricultural State

During the last five days, I've been away from my normal gardening.   We (my family) are on a college tour visiting different universities to help my daughter make a choice where to study.  My garden is left at the mercy of my dependable automatic irrigation system.  I'm hoping that no animal would chew on the drip lines as they have done in the past.  

This trip has provided me a great opportunity to observe places and plant life away from my own garden.  From Central California, we've traveled southward - through the fertile San Joaquin Valley; up through the Mojave Desert; and all the way down to the coastal towns of San Diego County.  The diversity of vegetation in the different parts of the state is very interesting and I can't wait to share some of my observations with you.  (Unfortunately we forgot to bring the right cable that would allow me to download all the pictures.)  So far here are some of the agricultural towns we've passed through:

Gilroy, The garlic capital of the world
Castroville, The Artichoke capital of the world. 
Stockton, The Asparagus Capital of the World
Salinas, The Lettuce Capital of the World
Watsonville,  The Strawberry Capital of the World
Lodi, The Tokay Grape Capital of the World
Sacramento, The Almond Capital of the World
To be continued...

Truly, California is highly a world class agricultural state.

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