Monday, May 10, 2010

Eden Rose

Eden Rose Climber

One of the first roses I planted in my El Dorado Hills garden is the Eden Rose Climber. It is very easy to grow. When given enough water and regular pruning to contain it where it should be, the plant grows vigorously and resists most of the diseases that are common to roses. I cloned the one I have and now there are three of them in my yard. 

Eden rose produces large clear pink flowers with the outer petals being greenish white.  They look beautiful in my garden now.  In some years when the spring temperatures drop after an early warm weather the early flowers fail to open.  This rose is not big on fragrance.  If you are planning to have a reason to "stop and smell" in your garden, Eden Rose is not it!  On the other hand, I would say that this is the rose of choice for exclusive bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements.  

Eden Rose (Pierre De Ronsard)

Although it is called 'Eden Rose Climber' here in the America, in Europe it is simply called 'Eden Rose'.  In France where it was bred by Marie Louise Meilland, it is known as the 'Pierre De Ronsard'.  Appropriately named after a great French poet this rose is very regal and romantic-looking; it belongs to a class of roses known as 'Romantica' that reflects a period of intense emotional artistic creation (music, sculpture, art, opera, etc.) in French history.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't help but notice this looks very similiar to one of our David Austin Collection roses- the Alnwick Rose- do you have any of those?

Helen Lewis said...

'Eden' is similar but not quite the same as the 'Alnwick'. Alnwick has more ruffled petals, the center is more cabbage-like and is more fragrant than 'Eden'.

Thank you for your inquiry.

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