Wednesday, May 26, 2010

'Abraham Darby' Rose

Rosa 'Abraham Darby' flower bud is complemented by the blue flowers of common sage.

Of the David Austin roses in my garden, 'Abraham Darby' is my favorite.  It blooms early in the season with beautiful old-fashioned peach pink flowers, glossy foliage.  Compared to 'Evelyn', the flowers of 'Abraham Darby' have less of the yellow tint and the petals are more ruffled.  It has a strong refreshing citrusy rose fragrance.   In my garden where summer temperatures can get very high, 'Abraham Darby' continues to bloom and maintains its beautiful appearance.  It is tolerant to heat and resistant to diseases.  So far there have been no signs of black spots and rust.  I had this rose for almost five years now.  
Rosa 'Abraham Darby' is a David Austin (a renowned rose breeder in the UK)-bred rose which was introduced in 1985.  It was named after one of the founders of Industrial Revolution.  

A buoquet of 'Abraham Darby' flowers

Would you choose this rose for your garden?
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