Thursday, May 27, 2010

'Early French Breakfast' Radish

French Breakfast radish: Just pulled out from the ground.

Washed and ready for consumption.

Today marks the beginning of harvest time for this season. This is the first time I planted the 'Early French Breakfast' radish and I decided that I like it.  This radish is elongated and it is red and white in color.  The part that's buried seems to have the white color.  It is a fast growing variety maturing in less than a month from sowing.  (I planted on the 29th of April and today May 26th we are eating radishes!)  It has a crisp texture and mild flavor.  We ate them plain and they are really good.  They can also be eaten as hors d'oeuvres with sweet butter and salt or added in salads and sandwiches.  My children ate them with no problem. This particular variety is known to do better in hotter climates like ours than other varieties.  I will be planting a second crop of this variety soon. 
No pesticides were used in these radishes.

Some say that radishes seem to deter beetles from infesting cucurbits (such as cucumber, zucchini and squash) when planted close to these crops.   This is an unexpected benefit if it's true.

Have you had any experience regarding this crop protection attribute of radishes?


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hi Helen! Your radishes look excellent! Can you tell me, please, what soil do you use? I love radishes and grow them on my raised beds every year. Last two years, they just didn't grow well. If they grow so well in hot California, it means you are doing something right!
Thanks for stopping at my blog and leaving a nice comment! I appreciate it. Have a great weekend!

Helen Lewis said...

Hi Tatayana --
The soil in my vegetable garden is clay loam. I added lots of organic matter and some "garden soil"(mix)to it because my yard was clay with lots of rocks.
So far we are having an unusually cold spring here in California. However, radishes are really the easiest plants to grow even in warmer years. I think that water was the key factor.
Thank you for checking out my blog and your encouraging comment. :)
Happy gardening!

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