Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cecile Brunner

Rosa polyantha 'Cecile Brunner' 

This is the time of the year when my Cecile Brunner rose is at its best. It blooms with a showy display of dainty pink flowers in the spring. My Cecile Brunner rose is strategically located next to the front door the house where it climbs on one of the entry-way columns. The flowers are mildly fragrant but with so many of them they make a sweet statement giving a pleasant welcome to anyone who approaches the house. Cecile Brunner is supposed to bloom repeatedly till fall but the high temperatures in El Dorado Hills (our area) seem to reduce and sometimes inhibit flowering in the summer.

Cecile Brunner is a polyantha rose. (Polyantha implies a small vigorous plant that will cover itself with trusses of tiny blossoms.) According to literature, this rose was introduced in 1881. Tiny 'Tea Rose' shaped blooms, under 2 inches in diameter, are coral pink.  It has thorns on its stems which couild be very sharp.  Based on my experience, it will flourish even in marginal soil or partial sunny conditions.   My Cecile Brunner is obviously a climber but traditionally, it is a compact shrub.
The climbing Cecile Brunner is not for small spaces. If you must have them, then make sure to prune it regularly.  This is a vigorous grower.  Years ago, I planted two of them in one corner of my yard. Eventually, it got so heavy that the arbor that my husband built to support it collapsed. In addition to that, it also covered and choked my Fuji apple which was growing next to it. We had to dig them out and allowed the apple tree to flourish.

Stroll in your garden...and tend your plants. Train them to grow the way you want them to.  :)

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