Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thompson Seedless Grape

Currently there are three grapes Vitis vinifera growing in my garden.   One of them is Pinot Noir and the other two are Cabernet Sauvignon.  Although these varieties are commonly grown as wine grapes, my plants were originally intended to provide shade and these varieties were supposed to have beautiful colors in the fall.  However, powdery mildew (Erysiphe necator) has always infected them late at the tail end of summer and therefore prevented them from showing off their autumn beauty.   This pathological problem is worth noting nonetheless, they have always provided the shade which is very useful in this area and not only that they also produced enough grapes for making grape jelly that lasts us for more than a year. 

This season, a different variety of grape is going to be introduced in my small garden.  Now that we have enough shade, I intend to produce grapes that we can eat in the shade without having to spit seeds in the process.  The 'Thompson Seedless grape' is one of the most popular table grapes.    

A bareroot 'Thompson' soaks in the bucket as I write this post; getting ready to be planted before dusk today.  Someday this will provide food for

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