Monday, February 22, 2010

Hort Art - New Hypertufa Recipe

This pot is made from a "green" version of the traditional hypertufa.   Hypertufa is an artificial rock made from a combination of natural aggregates (such as sand or Perlite) and peat moss mixed with Portland cement.  My hypertufa recipe is unique in that it includes coffee grounds, portland cement, and water.   The coffee material can be acquired free from Starbucks.  It makes the mixture darker and a lot lighter (in weight) compared to sand.

I was motivated to make small and unusual pots for my new collection of succulents.  The rustic look of hypertufa would make an interesting contrast against their varying shades and shapes of the plants.  
I will continue to experiment on different coffee:cement ratio until I come up with a desirable combination.  My first try was not quite successful as I skimped on the cement. 

Sometimes, the inspiration to create can be found in a garbage bag like the coffee grounds I used in this project.   For as long as you can imagine then the possibility remains.  After all, horticulture is not only a science but also an art. 


Anonymous said...


I think I'm interested with this, will you allow me if I'll make this as my study (investigatory project)... and of course with your help? Maybe you could suggest me some materials locally found in the Philippines.


Helen Lewis said...

No problemo! Tell me what you need. What's this project for?

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