Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beating the Weather

I got new titanium pruners

We were spoiled by great weather this week with full sunshine and temperatures in the 60s (F).  Today was different (cloudy and windy); it is supposed to rain soon but in as much as there are a lot of activities that I had planned to accomplish I enlisted Tim and Brahms to help me. 

Recent activities in the garden:
1.  Dividing and planting hydrangea (Hydrangea mycrophylla 'Endless Summer')
2.  Mowed the lawn
3.  Planting bareroot Thompson Seedless grape
4.  Making hypertufa
5.  Watering potted plants
6.  Installing brick border
7.  Digging out roses from the vegetable garden
8.  Pruning trees (we're not done yet)

These bricks were installed along an old pathway for the purpose of controlling erosion.  

The plum and peach trees are beginning to bloom. I'm hoping that the rain will come much later so that pollination will not be adversely affected. 

Sometimes the weather is an encouragement for gardeners to go work...sometimes it is a discouragement.

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