Sunday, May 8, 2011

Homegrown Mother's Day Offering

Flowers are a necessary fixture in any special occasion and roses are the often the top choice.   In celebration of Mother's Day, I thought of presenting all my viewers pictures of the beautiful roses that are currently in bloom in my garden.
'Double Delight' Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybrid Tea Rose 'America'

Rosa 'Graham Thomas'

When my oldest child was in third grade she wrote these phrases about me:

My mom is like a rose
Sweet and beautiful,
She loves me.
But she is also thorny,
She disciplines me.

Happy Mother's Day


Judith said...

Nice roses.I feel like rushing to the garden shop and buying one to tender in my backyard (in a pot, so I can bring it home after my project contract). I know nothing much about roses so please tell me what is best against aphids?Thanks

Sisah said...

Adorable! I have to wait for mine a bit.
Austin Rose are so lovely, but I am afraid they don't like the climate here in Nothern Germany, especially those long cold winters. So there is only one left!

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