Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mini Garden Beds

Fig. 1   Lettuce plants growing in miniature garden beds.

Raised-bed gardening can improve plant growth, conserve resources, and prevent soil compaction and erosion.  Let me explain.  The use of an enclosure, no matter how simple (Fig. 1 and Fig. 2), allows soil and other soil-amendments to remain in place - defying erosion.  Garden beds define the places that are exclusively for plants and are off limits to traffic. Water and fertilizer can be applied right where they are needed. 

We experimented on using Redwood fence boards to make simple garden beds.  The soil underneath is relatively good hence there was no need for a deep bed.  Some of the beds were made small to facilitate succession planting.  A new crop can be planted in a bed without having to wait for the other beds to be ready.  Succession planting prolongs the length of harvest season for any given crop.

So far, I am very pleased with the outcome of this experiment. 

Fig. 2   Good soil is contained in the garden box.

For the small spaces in your garden, try these easy mini-garden-beds. 


HolleyGarden said...

Good idea! And I bet the redwood weathers to a beautiful look.

Anonymous said...

They look great! This is an especially useful thing for those of us gardening in cities - helps to create that much more space and gives us the opportunity to create a good soil mix.

Love that Redwood!

Unknown said...

Well done. I like your garden beds. I am a huge fan of raised beds and use them constantly. Its nice to have the level of control that the raised beds provide. I write about mine on my blog also. I too love the redwood! I wish we had it here in Texas.

One said...

Your lettuce is so beautiful in the mini bed. Since I have trouble with dogs trampling over my beds, I have resorted to using huge clay pots for my veggies. They should serve the same purpose, right?

Patty said...

Our small vegetable garden is located in a raised bed. It is actually on top of part of a stone wall that runs the length of one side of the house. It is also the only place (knock on wood) that the rabbits have not found, so we are able to claim all our successes ourselves.

africanaussie said...

thanks for your comment on blotanical about my blog. Your lettuces look wonderful - the wood must seem like a nice cosy blanket around them!

Beth at PlantPostings said...

Raised beds work so well--especially for veggie gardens! I had several raised beds in a previous garden. The roots have so much room to grow and the critters and weeds don't bother the garden as much. Very helpful post!

Bom said...

Your plants look so good. Kakainggit! I wish I could have raised beds too. Instead, right now I have to settle for growing my edibles in containers.

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