Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Afternoon in the Patio

With a cup of steaming coffee in my hand I sat in the patio doing what I like to do best - to admire the greenery laid against the cloud-softened skies.  My eyes darted from one plant to another as I paid curious attention to their diverse characteristics and behavior.  Then I noticed something else that was worth watching at that particular moment.   There must have been at least ten American Robins (Turdus migratorius) around me.

After having sat there quietly for sometime, the Robins have decided that I am a garden fixture.  They did what they wanted to do around me.   They were busy doing the things that I did not do this year which is to harvest the grapes.  They'd fly to get some grapes and then come lower and mark the next fruit to pick.  It was quiet an amazing sight to see them strategize their flights to get one grape.

Figuring out the angle of next flight.

Determining the position of the next target.

 Looking for bugs as a short break for the neck.

Getting ready to dart.

A smarter bird gets closer to the target.

Acrobtic harvesting of grapes.

Happy Sunday Everyone!


p3chandan said...

Hi Helen, your patio looks so ideallic for a cuppa,watching n observing flora n fauna...such a peaceful place to sit and do nothing!

Ellada said...

It's so nice to watch at this so beautiful bird.

Helen Lewis said...

Syida-- Thanks! Ten years ago our backyard had zero vegetation. Now it is better and greener. I think I'll post some pictures of the patio next time. It's a nice cool place especially on hot summer days. Regards, Helen

Ellada -- The birds seem to have come in a bigger flock this year. So we enjoy them befor ehtye move to a different place. American Robins are migratory birds.

How's the weather in Athens these days? Regards, Helen

Trädgårdsflow/Garden Flow said...

Hi Helen!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Oh, how nice it is to have birds in the garden.... makes the gardenlife complete...

Have a nice day!

Pat said...

Smart bird. It's true they make the garden complete.

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