Friday, August 6, 2010

Unexpectedly Heavy


A week from now these fruits will probably be ready for harvest.  However, as they continue to ripen not only do they get sweeter - they also get heavier and bigger putting more weight on the branches.
Something is wrong with this picture: Too many fruits/branch

This peach tree was heavily infected with peach leaf curl in the spring.  The infection was prolonged due to frequent rains and low temperatures that I did not expect the fruits to remain.  Hence, I did not see the need for any fruit thinning at the time. 

No wonder fruit thinning is such an important operation in the production of quality fruits.  It also prevents damages to the tree.

Big loss

One of the major branches of my tree broke off; it could not hold the increasing weight of the fruits anymore.   It is the fault of the gardener who did not pay attention to the happenings in one corner of the yard.  Knowing how sweet these fruits, my heart sank when I saw this fallen branch.   On the other hand, this is good for the remaining fruits.  They get a better chance to bulk more. 
 Sometimes less is better. 


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Pity to lose a good branch. Yes, most of the time we enjoy looking at flowers, and the little fruits. Seldom do we realise that the many fruits will be fatal to the branch... ~bangchik

Judith said...

But you are right, sometimes the gardener has to do the "family planning"

Helen Lewis said...

Bangchick: This is one lesson that I need to remind myself about over and over again. I tend to focus on the promise of bounty and underestimate the eventual damage that they cause. Thanks for stopping by.

Judith: I'll have to enforce "family planning" next year! :)

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