Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hort Art - Avian Sculptures

Birds on stepping stones.

Careful not to let anything out of the bag, my husband and I packed our kids and drove 350 miles to Fortuna, California to surprise my mother-in-law on her 63rd birthday.  We knew they were in town on that day but when we got there nobody was home.  So we waited...we tied some birthday balloons on their railings.  Although the gate to the backyard was closed it did not require much from us to open it and go take a peek into her beautiful garden.  My children entertained themselves by collecting frogs and bugs while my husband and I went to Starbucks for coffee.  

One thing that is very notable in her garden is the spread of avian-themed ornaments throughout the place.  There is art in the placement of any ornament and she seems to have mastered it beyond my ability to emulate.  It is such a delight to be surprised by a pair or family of birds in every little corner of the garden.  

There are so many of them that I began to wonder which is her true hobby - gardening or bird watching?  Just like in the interior of our homes, the things we put in our gardens speak about us.  It appears that a gardener's success in garden ornaments depends on our choices is based on what we really like instead of what might be pleasing. 
Birds on a lunch break.

Birds at home.

Birds playing in the tool shed.

Hen and chicks?

Garden ornaments such as these bird sculptures add a finished look to any garden. 

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