Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sally Holmes

Rosa 'Sally Holmes'

From a small bareroot rose that I planted in 2002, this Sally Holmes has grown into a huge plant that sprawls above my 10ft patio cover.  The main trunk (cane) is now about three inches in diameter at the base.  It once climbed on the columns of the patio but now it sits on top of it that I can only see the ones that drape on the sides. 

  'Sally Holmes' provides a beautiful shade in my garden.  

Sally Holmes was bred from the hybrid musk rose 'Ballerina' which can grow up to 6 feet tall and the Floribunda rose 'Ivory Fashion' which is a short (60 cm) shrub.  Sally Holmes inherited the vigor from 'Ballerina' and the beautiful and more substantial flowers from 'Ivory Fashion'.  It is vigorous, beautiful and adaptable.   It has glossy leaves that stays green all year and hardly ever get diseases. 

The yellow stamens provide a beautiful accent in the middle of the white flowers.

Sally Holmes produces clouds of flowers in huge clusters.  One stem alone, when all the buds have opened, look like a full wedding bouquet.  It is my observation that the flowers blooming in the shade are more pinkish in color.  I like them that way because the ones exposed in the sun look washed out.

Rosa 'Sally Holmes':  Vigorous and dainty

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