Saturday, June 12, 2010

Alpine Strawberries: Weeds No More

Alpine Strawberry (Fragaria vesca)

Alpine strawberries of unknown origin and variety have grown in the yard as weeds during the previous years.  The fruits are sweet and the plants are compact as they don't seem to have runners.  My little Miriam loves to eat the fruits washed or not.  

Early this year I decided to cultivate them.  From the different places where they were found growing, I moved them to one place of the yard.  This way they would cease to be treated as weeds and be managed well to increase fruiting.  Miriam would also be able to harvest enough in one place instead of having some here and there.      

They look very good, taste sweet, and smell fragrant.  The problem - Miriam seems to have outgrown her interest in these strawberries.  She doesn't go out and harvest them anymore but she still eats them when I collect them for her.
Eaten or not the strawberries look very ornamental where they are growing now along a pathway.  The birds also like eating them which was the initial reason they grew in my yard.  Once they were weeds but not anymore. 

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