Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two More

It's happening...I am slowly being converted into a cymbidium enthusiast!  Well, not quite.  I only gave in to buying two more orchids from Costco.  Just like the other two that I already have, these were not labeled; therefore I could not tell what variety or hybrids they are. I can either do my research and make my best guess or I will just content myself in differentiating them by their colors.  After all, I only have four orchids, so far.
Last Saturday, Tim and I attended a Cymbidium Show in Sacramento.   The cymbidium display was not particularly impressive...maybe because for a neophyte like me, the orchids all looked the same except for color and size.  Maybe as I learn more about them that I will also develop the eye to appreciate the variation among varieties.  In one corner, however, were old issues of Cymbidium Society of America (CSA) Journals as give-away; I picked up a couple.  After reading about an interview with Loren Batchman of Casa De Las Orquideas, it seems like a door has been opened for my imagination to wander.  I am now inspired to play around with this genus of the Orchidaceae family.  I hope that the challenges of our dry weather condition will not reduce this new excitement into ningas cogon

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