Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Plant Many Names

To demonstrate my point regarding the importance of having a scientific name for all plants, I asked my son to take this picture.  This is a list of the many names of potato throughout the world.   Each region in the world has a common name for the potato, however there is only one scientific name for it throughout the universe - and that is Solanum tuberosum.

My family and I could be seen sporting a T-shirt with this picture on it.  All of us got one for a present from our dear friends, the Vander Zaag family, when we visited their place in Alliston and their potato farms and storage.  They operate a larde scale potato farm that supplies Lays Potato Chips among others.

I give special credit to the Vander Zaags for this catchy and wearable design that puts the concept of scientific nomenclature in perspective..

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