Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Love the Rain

 Strong rains dominated the early part of the previous week.  I enjoyed watching everything in the garden get wet and listening to the sound of water trickling downs the gutters and downspouts.   The temperatures are very comfortable although very soon (based on previous years) it will be different. 

There was not a lot of gardening except for the little jobs that have been waiting to be done.  Impatiens was planted to cover the ground around the standard roses.  Volunteer Santa Barbara daisies were transferred where I wanted them to grow since they were just crowding in one place.  Cuttings of sedum 'Autumn Joy' that were rooting beautifully in the water; I had to plant them in the ground.   I also noticed that there were ornamental strawberries (remnants from a previous planting) growing under the boxwood hedges; they also got transferred near the patio where they will get more sunlight.  I prefer to plant when the soil is still naturally moist.  That way I don't have to worry about new transplants drying out when I forget to water them. 

The newly planted pomegranate has not shown any sign of growth so far.  For now I am being patient and avoiding the urge to dig around it to check what's going on with the roots. 

Gardening requires a lot of wating...for the rain to stop; for the temperature to rise; for seeds to emerge; for trees to leaf out. 

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