Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dioscorea macrostachya

 Dioscorea macrostachya 
Synonym: Dioscorea mexicana
Family:  Dioscoreaceae
Common Name:Tortoise Plant
Country of Origin: Panama, El Salvador, Mexico

Fig. 1  Caudex on close-up view - resembles a tortoise shell.

The caudex which is the thickened and enlarged base of the stem is what gives this plant an extraordinary visual appeal.  Part of the caudex grows above-ground exposing a hardened outer layer that resembles a tortoise shell .  As the caudex expands, the hardened layer breaks into almost regular polygonal plates that becomes protuberant with age leaving deep furrow in between (Fig. 1).  

Fig. 2  Flowers and leaves on long vines

The pictures here are images of the specimen Dioscorea macrostachya at the Conservatory of  Flowers in San Francisco.  From the appearance of the stem and leaves, this perennial plant looks like and ordinary vine (Fig. 2).  Capable of growing up to 36 feet in a year, this plant is a vigorous grower.   Unless you take the time to  guide your eyes to follow where the vine originates, it would be so hard to imagine that the caudex below (Fig. 3) is related to the far-reaching vine with the heart-shaped leaves.  

The plant  

Fig. 3    Branches arising from the caudex.

As a normal sequence of events, every year, a new set of branches emerge from the apical end of the caudex and dies back at the end of the season depending on growing conditions.  In the tropical forest where this plant would be found in nature, the caudex would be sitting in the shade where it prefers to be with lots of water.   Sunlight requirement for this plant is relatively moderate.  The new vine would then have to reach up above the other plant canopies to access to direct sunlight.  Thus a rapid growth of the vine is necessary for existence.  The rate of growth of the caudex is a function of the photosynthetic rate on the foliage.  

Fig. 4      The Caudex: Tortoise-like

Dioscorea macrostachya is grown as an ornamental plant as it adds oddity to any plant collection.  

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Mario said...

The Tortoise Plant. Who knew? I just love the texture of this.

Unknown said...

I have two of these. They are both close to one foot in diameter. One of my specimens that I have had for more than ten years has done something interesting that it has never done before. It has sent up a new vine out of the soil at the edge of the pot which is a few inches away from the caudex. The new vine emerged in late September which is when I bring all my plants inside here in Michigan. Perhaps this new vine is a pup and will become its own plant. I wished I could see below the soil surface to examine what is going on, but I am going to leave it alone and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

What kind of soil did u use and plastic or clay

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