Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beauty and Function

My flowering crabapple tree (Malus floribunda) is in bloom again.   Every year this tree reserves a two-week period when it becomes the center of interest in my yard.   During this time the tree is an explosion of pink inflorescence that attracts so many pollinators.  From a close distance one could hear the buzzing of bees all over the pink canopy of the tree. 

Profuse flowers come in succession which makes this tree and important pollenizer for the 'Fuji' apple which blooms about ten days later. 

Dark pink flowers come out from the main trunk of the tree. 

Leaves starting to increase their coverage.

Flowers at different stages on the same branch.

The flowering crabapple tree is both beautiful and useful as pollenizer and shade tree.


HolleyGarden said...

I, too, have a pink crabapple and love it. They are beautiful trees. When in bloom, they are all a garden needs for a beautiful show.

Helen Lewis said...

HolleyGarden -
You are right! If only I have a bigger garden I would plant two more of them. :)

Masha said...

I agree, crabapples are beautiful in blooms. Your pictures are great.

Helen Lewis said...

Masha --
Thanks! Flowering crabapples provide color in the garden while we wait for the roses to bloom. :)

Patty said...

Beautiful and bright flowers on your crab. And so early too. I expect we will see photos of the Fuji apple soon too.

Christine @ The Gardening Blog said...

Love your crabapple! Would absolutely love to have one of these in my garden. PS: Your photographs are fabulous.

Sisah said...

This is really a beautiful examplar you have in your garden, and I also love your photos! I am also quite surprised apple trees in california are at the same growth stage as they are here, crabapple is still pullulating.
Liebe Grüße

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