Sunday, January 16, 2011

Suitable or Questionable?

Wooly Rose (Echeveria cristata 'Doris Taylor') cannot withstand freezing temperatures.

Questionable Plant.  Some of my frost-sensitive plants get special treatment these days by being placed close to the house to take advantage of the heat from the walls.  They are also moved around where they can be in the sun even for just a few minutes of the day.  Frost damage can be avoided or reduced when the plants get a chance to recover by getting exposed to warmer temperatures early the next day.   This wooly rose (Echeveria cristata) cannot withstand freezing temperatures - a lesson I learned last year.  Fortunately, it survived and that is why it is still here - but it is now under observation.  Plants that die in my garden because they require too much care do not deserve to be here.  

Suitable plants are beautiful.

Suitable Plant.  If a plant proves to be suitable under our climatic conditions and if they prove to be beautiful and requiring minimal maintenance, then it deserves consideration.  It is guaranteed that it will be provided with the chance to proliferate.  

Suitable plants are adaptable.

Sometimes we fall in love with a particular plant that we ignore the amount of effort that we put into its maintenance.  As gardeners we all need to train our heart and mind to agree. 


One said...

You seem to have a lot of succulents. Are all those from your garden? They do look like rose. My cabbage plants look like huge roses too.

Helen Lewis said...

One - Yes I have a lot of them and they are all from my garden. My children are growing the ones in trays and they have a lot more on the other side of the house. They intend to sell them at the Farmer's Market in the summer. It will be the first time that we'll have ever sold a plant - I have my fingers crossed. :)

Patty said...

I agree with your sentiment about suitable plants. I give a plant three tries before I decide it is not for my garden. It can be a hard decision to make especially when it has been something I really covet.

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