Thursday, January 14, 2010

To Garden or Not...

Commercial Potato Production (The Sunrise Produce Farms)

Just like New Year's resolutions are thought of at the beginning of the year, so gardening plans ought to be also.  You want to loose weight... therefore go ahead and think of the ways that you can achieve that.   So you decide to shorten your hybernation.  While you are panting on the treadmill or sweating your muscles out in the gym you can also be thinking of the things that you want to see in your garden come spring and summer.  Imagine yourself in your skinny form walking in the garden or by the pool.  Well, that picture needs to include some color in the background such as flowers and greenery.  That can be fixed, right?  You might even want to look like a health goddess walking along rows of life-prolonging-herbs and draping with high-in-antioxidant fruits of various forms and fiber content.  Did you say you want organic fruits?  You can certainly produce your own organic you-name-it...but you've got to plant a garden.   You won't loose your excess poundage either is you don't start moving or changing your habits.
Yes, making yourself look beautiful and healthy involves making your surroundings in ship-shape.  Be trendy - eat foods that are grown locally; the closer they are grown to your kitchen, the better.  Even those who are not gardeners can learn to become one.   It may seem daunting at first but gardening is learned and every gardener develops their own style based on knowledge, practice, and attitude.  The following quote says it all:

"The fact is that farming is not a laboratory science, but a science of practice. It would be, I think, a good deal more accurate to call it an art, for it grows not only out of factual knowledge, but out of cultural tradition; it is learned not only by precept but by example, by apprenticeship; and it requires not merely a competent knowledge of its facts and processes, but also a complex set of attitudes, a certain culturally evolved stance, in the face of the unexpected and the unknown. That is to say, it requires style in the highest and richest sense of that term."
"Discipline and Hope,"
A Continuous Harmony: Essays Cultural and Agricultural

  Plant a's good for you and your environment.

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